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Interview and Feature by Victoria Vesce, @victoriavesce


     Cody was drafted straight from Royal H.S. in Simi Valley, Ca. by the Texas Rangers in the 2nd round of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Draft. He hasn't skipped a beat since then! Ranking #7 in the top 10 Rangers Prospects for 2012, Cody is tearing up the High A Carolina League playing for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. I had the pleasure of watching Cody pitch last year for the Hickory Crawdads class A team of the South Atlantic League. It was clear then that he was headed places! From his demeanor on the mound to his calculated methodical pitching mechanics, he was a professional. During the  2011 season he boasted a 2.61 ERA with a sharp 120/27 K/BB in 97 innings, allowing just 83 hits. His stats for 2012 are even more impressive. His 1.19 ERA leads the Carolina league by more than a full run. Working offseason with Trevor Bauer has had an awesome affect it seems!

    Cody is truly a classic player with a maturity beyond his years. That's hard to come by for a 19 year old. His has an arsenal of pitches as well as command and control. He is extrememly athletic and dare I mention he has a dash of Hollywood! We know he has the good looks of say a "Troy Bolton" from "High School Musical".  That may be in part because he did perform on stage in a production of HSM during his high school years and proved to be quite the actor/singer! Multi-talented and gifted are apt descriptions of Cody and when you get to know him, you will also say he is one of the nicest guys in minor league baseball! Now it's time to read on and get up close and personal with 20 Q&A's with Cody Buckel. By the way, Cody has a birthday coming up very soon! Everybody be sure to head over to his twitter page and wish him a happy one! @cheatcode07

Position: RHP  Height: 6' 1" Weight: 180 lb. Born: June 18, 1992 

Baseball Life: At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to play pro baseball?

Cody Buckel: I started playing baseball when I was three. I think it was about the age of 8 that I knew I really wanted to play it the rest of my life.

BL: Have you always been a pitcher or was it a progression?

CB: I've been a pitcher since I was eight and had early success at it, better than hitting.  Then is when I knew I wanted to pitch.

BL: What pitches do you have in your arsenal and what is your go to pitch?

CB: Right now I have four seam fastball, an occasional two seam fastball, a cutter, a slider, a curveball, a changeup, and been working on a sinker/screwball hybrid, hopefully that can be part of the repertoire soon. As far as a go to pitch, I feel comfortable enough to throw any pitch in any count.

BL: You have been doing awesome this year in the Carolina League! What moment has stood out the most so far?

CB: Yeah, so far I've gotten out to a good start, but the moment that stood out to me way the no hitter Nick Tepesch and Jimmy Reyes threw against Wilmington. That was awesome to see.

BL: You grew up on the West Coast, and now you are playing ball on the East Coast. What is the biggest difference and why?​

CB: Definitely the weather, it's more humid, but that makes it easier to get lose. I feel like I can move around easier, and plus the ball doesn't travel as far in this type of weather so that's nice!

BL: If you were not playing pro baseball, what career path would you have taken?

CB: If I wasnt playing baseball I would've either pursued acting or golf, believe it or not. I love doing both, so definitely one of those.

BL:​​ Describe a typical day for you in the minor leagues? Do you have a specific routine​.

CB: Let's see: Wake up at one in the afternoon, have a late breakfast, then go get some lunch before heading to the field. Then we have practice which involves stretching, throwing, running, fielding, etc. Then we have a pre game meal and head out to play the game. After, we have a post game spread and head home or go out with friends or family, then repeat all that the next day!

BL: What are your power foods? Do you cook? 

CB: Steak and cheese sandwiches from either subway or dominos, and I leave the cooking to my roommates haha

BL: How do you spend your off season?

CB: I spend it with family and friends, but it's also a time to build and get better for the following season. I'll spend this offseason in Arizona, California, and Texas hanging and working out.

BL:What one word would you pick to describe you and why?

CB: I'd say curious. Only because I'm always wondering what I can do more of to get better or learn something new that will productive for me as player.

BL: What type of music do you listen to the most and what is on your playlist right now?

CB: I like alternative rock, and my pregame playlist consists of angels and airwaves, blink 182, and 30 seconds to mars.

BL: Can you tell us about the day you were drafted. Where were you, what were you doing, and how did you react?

CB: I was actually in my English class, because we had finals. I had my mom's phone, because if I had my phone it would've been blowing up in class. My parents had my phone, and I had told them what I wanted in order to be drafted and to say no to anything else. Apparently the Blue Jays, Padres, and Twins called, but passed me up. Then the Rangers called and asked if I was still where I was at and that was it. I was drafted by the Rangers and it was one of the best days of my life!

BL: What is your proudest achievement to date?

CB: Definitely my no hitter against West Lake my senior year of high school.

BL: If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

CB: I'd want to go to Australia definitely. I've heard it's amazing. Just to see all the awesome stuff that's there and to definitely see a kangaroo out and about (haha)!

BL: I hear you may have a thing for Puma hats! How many do you actually have? (Don't hold back now!)

CB: As of right now I have 22 Puma hats (haha) and quite a few shirts and shorts.

BL: Who was your favorite MLB team growing up, and did you ever think you would be playing for the Texas Rangers?

CB: I never really had a select team growing up. I just was fan of baseball, but I did enjoy watching the Yankees play. They were the best when I was growing up. I never thought I'd be a Ranger but I'm glad I am, I never really got to see their games growing up because they never showed their games in California it was all dodgers/Angels where I grew up.

BL: Who is your MLB inspiration?

CB: Derek Jeter was my inspiration, just the classiness he has and the way he plays the game was a perfect role model for me to follow.

BL: Myrtle Beach is quite the travel destination. How do you like playing there? Do you get to hit up the beach very often?

CB: Myrtle Beach is an awesome place to play! The area is awesome with so much to do and you definitely know I'll go to the beach and hang out haha

BL: Tell us something about yourself that we may not know.

CB: I was actually quite the yo-yo dude when I was friends and I actually got really good and could do some pretty cool tricks with yo-yos.

BL: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

CB: Pitching in Arlington, that's where I want to be.

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