Jordan Pacheco

Colorado Rockies

Position: 3rd Height: 6'1" Weight: 190lbs Born: 1/30/1986 Hometown: Albuquerque, NM 

Baseball Life:  Growing up was it always your dream to become an MLB player? If so, why?
Jordan Pacheco: I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was younger. All I knew was that I enjoyed playing basketball and baseball and I wanted to play them as long as long as I could.

      BL:  Were you always playing baseball as a kid? Did you play through all the youth baseball up until high school? Tell us about how you progressed through baseball growing up. Was your family a baseball family?
JP:  I started playing baseball when I was 5 . I played little league till I was 12 and then started playing travel ball throughout high school and on to the University of New Mexico.  I was drafted my Junior Year.  My family is a sports family. My dad played baseball in college.

      BL:   You attended University of New Mexico. Every year there you continued to build on the previous year’s success. You played second base where you garnered the accolade of All-Conference position and MWC Player of the Year in 2007. Looking back at your college career, what moment stands out most as your proudest accomplishment?
    JP:  I don't know which my proudest moment was, but being honored as the conference player of the year was special.

     BL:  Coming off of your successful junior year at New Mexico, the Colorado Rockies took notice. Do you still remember the day you were drafted in June 2007? Can you describe that day for us and how you found out about your selection by the Colorado Rockies?
JP:  I was actually helping my college out with a camp when my buddy Chris Carlson, former teammate at the UNM, checked his phone and told me I got drafted.

     BL:   You spent 5 seasons navigating your way through the Rockies minor league system. Your journey was forever changing as you started in the infield with 2nd, shortstop and 3rd. How did you end up as catcher in your 2008 season?
JP:  I really have no idea how it all came about, but right before we were about to leave spring training, they called me in and told me about my position change.

     BL:  Being a catcher must have agreed well with you as you held onto the catcher’s mit until 2011, when the triple A Sky Sox, gave you a shot at 3rd base.  How did you feel about the transition?
JP:  Well by the time I went back to third last year, I really didn't mind.  All I wanted was a chance to play at the highest level.

BL:  When your season came to an end with the Sky Sox (AAA), you were summoned to the manager’s office for some Major news! The Colorado Rockies were having you spend the final month of the 2011 season with them! Best news of your life? What were the first thoughts going through your head?
JP:  It was some pretty great news and something as a professional baseball player you can't ever wait to hear! I was just happy all the work was paying off.

     BL:  In your major league debut, September 6, 2011, you got your start at 3rd base and had impressive at bats going 2-4 and driving in 2 runs. What were your thoughts as you put on the Colorado Rockies uniform and stepped from one world to the next? How was the feeling to finally arrive?
JP:  It was something that I always envisioned ever since I was drafted by the Rockies but when it finally happened it was something I can't really explain.

     BL:  Through your career, and ever changing roster position, there has been one constant. Your consistent bat! You are hot at the plate and have the numbers to prove it. Your first Major League homerun came September 10th, only four days after your debut.  What do you credit your success at plate appearances to? Is hitting something that has always come as a natural to you?
JP:  I don't know about natural, but I think my dad has a big influence. He was my first coach and told me if you want something… You have to work at it!

BL:   What was the biggest adjustment for you moving from the minor leagues to the major?
JP:  The biggest adjustment is the speed and flow of the game and realizing that you deserve to be there.

BL:  What has been the greatest pleasure in reaching your goal to play professional ball for the Colorado Rockies?
JP:  Just knowing that if you put enough work and faith into something, you have a chance to succeed.

BL:  Do you have any pre-game rituals?
JP: I do have a routine.  I have to eat breakfast in the AM, have to workout before the game, and eat a PB&J and listen to my iPod before I go out to the field.

BL:  Is your walk up song still Square Dance by Eminem? Are you a big rap fan? Who is your favorite artist?
JP:  No I had to change it.. It was getting old. I do like rap music and all kinds of music.

BL:  What is your favorite baseball movie?
JP:  Def.  Sandlot

BL:  Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you have a particular life verse or quote that you live by?
JP:  My mom actually sends me quotes everyday to think about, but I like one in particular that my mom sent me. It says… "working hard doesn't guarantee success but without it you don't stand a chance."

BL:  How do you keep in shape? Do you have a regular workout routine? Are you still doing the “Hills Workout?”
JP: During the season the workouts change. They aren't as intense. However, offseason I enjoy working out and yes the hills are my favorite!

BL: Who has had the most influence on your life?
JP: My parents without a doubt because they give me my strength, my motivation, and courage to do what I want.

BL:  What is the next goal that you want to achieve?
JP:  I want to put on that big league uniform again tomorrow.

BL:  Where do you see yourself in five years?
JP: Definitely still playing baseball.

BL:  What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?
JP:  As a great teammate and a good friend.

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Interview and Feature by Victoria Vesce, @VictoriaVesce

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    Jordan Pacheco’s favorite MLB player growing up was nicknamed “Iron Man” and there is no doubt that Jordan is following in his footsteps. Indeed you have to think superhero when you think of Jordan as it appears he can do just about anything! He has played a myriad of positions from catcher to most of the infield, and he has played them all well. There has been a consistent factor in all those moves, and it has been Jordan’s bat: it’s hot. His journey from being drafted to the MLB roster of the Colorado Rockies has been phenomenal.  From small towns to the big leagues now, he has made headlines. The most recent is going 3-for-3 with two doubles and a run and two RBIs against the Cardinals last night. Whether we call him "Iron Man" or "Mr. Baseball", there is no doubt that Jordan Pacheco is an integral part of the Colorado Rockies, yet he has only just begun.

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